Our Little Darlings: Volume 1 (2017-2018)


We all have them, darlings. They are the cesspit of all our deepest darkest secrets. Our wants, desires, and sins. It is in our speech, actions and pathological way of thinking. Our little darlings are our other side to ourselves. A sinister side which we all hide and brave with false facades. You cannot lie that you don't shelter a darling because, in reality, people of all ages harbor dark, sad and broken things. This story depicts the darkest, rawest, emotional and physical pain humanity has to offer. The subject may vary, from substance abuse, suicide, to child sexual abuse. The concept of this story is not to promote or glorify such acts but open your eyes to such matters. (Novel/Dark Drama.)

One To Love (2018) 


Love grows on you when you least expect it; at least that is what has happened. Setting the par to high may set one up for disappointment because if you let one into your heart without judging, it can be a wonderful thing.


Speedbumps (2018)


Twelve-year-old Carson catches his fifteen-year-old brother, Logan at a pivotal moment with a gun in his hand and learns about a secret he has been keeping for months. (Drama/Tear-Jerker/Short)

The Human's We Are (2018) 


The Humans We Are; is a collection of short ramblings of my personal deduce how individuals are perceived. Some may have touches humour or, others not so much, while other speak the truth.

If Tomorrow Comes (2018)


Following a total societal collapse; fifteen-year-old, Noah and Adam navigate through the abandoned streets of New York in order to survive. Join in on this one time short; loosely based on one of my own unpublished works, as the teenagers navigate throughout the hardship, of being the last two humans alive. (Short, Adventure, Drama.)

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