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Below are a series of files for readers to download and enjoy the book  Same Love, compiled by many authors.  To download right-click on the corresponding button of your format and download it to enjoy.


Same Love

Escape the current world with heartfelt romance, comedy, and drama during this trying time with a collection of shorts to tide you over. Same Love is a compendium offered from us to all of you to enjoy during this pandemic. Each chapter will be a new author with exciting narratives on offer. We have compiled Same Love into a free ebook for folks if you'd like to add the collection to your Kindle library. You can download the book here to manually add it. The book will be free on Amazon and Google in the coming days.

The Gift

Listen in on the audiobook version of my story The Gift - Narrated by myself. The audio is free to listen to and download, I hope you enjoy it.

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