As They Say (2017) 


When a new boy arrives in the middle of the night in a small rural town in Ireland. A local boy takes interest in the new arrival. Soon the boys are forced to confront each other due to the adults wanting them to bond. What appears to start off as nothing more than nervous giggles and jittery speech, turns into a friendship that only two boys can come to understand. A bond will forever change and form between both, that has never been experienced nor thought of until the ball drops and someone finally makes a move. How will the boy's parents, friends, and love for each other come together to either work in their favour or wedge them apart? (Novel/Diary Entry/Romance)

Who We Are (2017)


It had been years since they last spoke on equal playing fields. How would they react, or you: being locked in a room with your worse enemy, primary best friend. Though today, everything changes as two young boys struggle to find themselves amongst a bitter rivalry. Will they makeup and abandon their woes or will they further the confusion and mistaken mutual feelings for more bitterness? Who We Are is a story about finding yourself in the midst of confusion and mending old wounds. (Short/Drama)

Even If We Tried (2017-2018)


For young Sam Collins life is on the up and up. He is an accomplished, well respected fourteen-year-old artist from Spokane. His best friend Ethan is a favourite character amongst his peers; however, when a new boy arrives at school with a rocky past, Sam befriends the lonely boy. At first things are puppy love, but eventually, the illusion crumbles beneath all three boys feet. Sam must choose between his best friend and his new found crush before jealousy or bullying can do more damage. (Novel/Drama/Romace)

Before The Storm (2018)


A massive storm front barrels toward Florida. In an emergency pop-up shelter, young Lucas meets a boy, whom he confides in about his feelings towards boys, his fears about life, and his love for Disney movies, among other things. Join in as the boys grow closer over the course of a large storm cell. Will they become friends, trade contact information, perhaps keep in touch. Who knows...

Ghouls, Goblins & Ghastly Boys (2017) 

Ghouls, Goblins & Ghastly Boys, will revolve around a young teenage boy, during his mischievous quest on All Hallows' eve. Where trick r' treating is ripe, bravery is measured by audacity, and fun is tantalizing. Join our young protagonist as he goes about his endeavours on this spooky eve. He will meet an array of characters, along with his reward in the form of a cute memorising boy. A seductive boy, who charms his way into our young protagonist's hormonal brain. (Short Story/Erotica)

Love In Paris (2018)

What do you do when you see a cute boy while out on a routine jog. For William, the youngster takes a much-deserved break, by buying a milkshake in a small plaza, where he sees a boy who catches his interest. What starts off as a curiosity soon builds up to a clumsy mistake and coincidently, ends up making the boys meet face to face. What will be said? Will the cat come out of the bag that William has been infatuated with him for weeks or how William turned up most days at the same time in the court to catch a glimpse? (Short,LGBT)

Kiss Me I'm Irish (2018) 


For young Jack; St Patricks Day is a proud day to admire being Irish. Although his first kiss on St. Patricks day from his best friend is perhaps something more worthwhile celebrating. For him, Darragh his friend, a beautiful blue-eyed ginger, the two share a moment that either of them will ever forget. (Short Story/Friendship/ LGBT Elements.)

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