A World Between (2018)

Jake has never been a quiet boy from afar. However, the recent death of a loved one has left his life in turmoil. Follow along as he comes to terms with the turbulent after effects; which he believes is rightly his fault. Discover the subsequent conclusions of a sad and lonely boy through a series of ten letters he has written; acknowledging his pent-up misery and confusion of a tragic loss. (Short/Drama)

You, Me, & Them


Its the fourth of July, sweltering heat, patties on the grill, fun, and laughter to be had with close-ones. All is well for sixteen-year-old Taylor, who has a crush on his best friend. Every summer, the families get together to celebrate by lake Chebacco. Only this 4th of July, Jackson, Taylors best friend has a secret of his own. As the endless day of wonder, dips into the cool evening, will Jackson and Taylor speak of their rattled nerves for each other? Perhaps make their own Fourth of July fireworks.

Now You See Me (2018)


Josh sees Coren; Coren knows Josh is watching. Can they solve the problem separating them, or will it spiral into chaos? (Dark-Drama, Thriller/Novellete)

As They Say (2017) 


When a new boy arrives in the middle of the night in a small rural town in Ireland. A local boy takes interest in the new arrival. Soon the boys are forced to confront each other due to the adults wanting them to bond. What appears to start off as nothing more than nervous giggles and jittery speech, turns into a friendship that only two boys can come to understand. A bond will forever change and form between both, that has never been experienced nor thought of until the ball drops and someone finally makes a move. How will the boy's parents, friends, and love for each other come together to either work in their favor or wedge them apart? (Novel/Diary Entry/Romance)

Even If We Tried (2017-2020)


For young Sam Collins life is on the up and up. He is an accomplished, well respected fourteen-year-old artist from Spokane. His best friend Ethan is a favorite character amongst his peers; however, when a new boy arrives at school with a rocky past, Sam befriends the lonely boy. At first things are puppy love, but eventually, the illusion crumbles beneath all three boys feet. Sam must choose between his best friend and his new found crush before jealousy or bullying can do more damage. (Novel/Drama/Romance)

Light The Night (2018)

It is Halloween night. A bored and contemplative teenager takes off on a series of mischievous adventures around town with his old best friend, Milo. A friend who he has been deeply in love with since the 3rd grade.  Except circumstances have changed. As the night unfolds, the boys venture from one venue to another and bond more than they have in the last three years due to a growing apart phase. However, as the night unwinds, things are not as they appear. Is Milo still the same person he used to be before they stopped talking? (Drama/Novellete)

Chasing Christmas (2018)


Christmas Eve is supposed to be a festive and jolly time for everyone. However, what young Noah Finch realizes this Christmas is that life has a way of kicking you in the gut while you're down. Deep in the closet, Noah groans as the family gather. Only to find that an unexpected rise of circumstances result in his crush Elijah and his family being taken in by Noah's mother for the holidays. What starts off as playful flirting takes a dramatic outcome in the icy, knee-deep conditions of a Chicago neighborhood when Noah's, cousin Lucas provokes a group of teenagers. Grab yourself a copy if you like funny, charming, romance with a bit of drama and thriller in the mix. (Novel/Thiller)

Kiss Me, I'm Irish (2019)


In honour of St Patricks Day, Kiss Me, I'm Irish is a collection of 5 short stories all taking place on Paddy's Day. Five different couples; all different ages and helplessly in love, will experience their first kiss on Ireland's most beloved day.


Includes - the original Kiss, Me I'm Irish short story. (Short Story Collection.)


You & I (2019)


Max Wilson is a peculiar 14-year-old boy with a love for basketball and classical music. The teenager is popular among his peers, but he has bad grades, and his family life at home is not going well. Plus, Max has a huge secret he is keeping from the world. Max is gay. Recently he has chosen a pen-pal from a candidate list for English class as his grades have been growing increasingly bad. With the youngster's grades slipping, and with the need to get ahead Max decides to take the last resort. Reluctantly, the boy writes a letter and sends it off to an anonymous person who he has been assigned. When the reply comes back Max learns that the other sender is also a boy within the same school. Over two months, the teenagers grow a bond through a lost art of communication; helping Max to come to terms with who he is, and to Max's amazement, he's fallen for an unknown boy who sounds perfect in every way according to their personal correspondences.

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Even If We Tried (Full Compendium)

Noah Finch Chronicles - Book2

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