Frequently Asked Questions

Can I send you Fan Art? I would be thrilled to see what you have crafted. If you feel like sharing artwork inspired by my story or characters I’d love to see it.

Are the characters you create inspired by real people or are they simply a fragment of your imagination? Nine times out of ten, the people in my stories are fragments, however, there have been times that I use real-life people as inspiration for fleshing out characters. E.g. gestures, mannerisms and such.

Can you write my story, please? As much as the notion excites me to be nominated for such a role, I have my own stories to tell. If you wish to tell me your idea you are free to, however, I can’t guarantee I’ll use it. A great deal of time and energy goes into creating my own stories, so, in order for me to consider taking on the role of a ghostwriter for another person, it has to be in everyone’s best interests. Though to remain fair to everyone, I'll opt out most times.

Can you release your free serials faster? Unfortunately no. Writers have to get out and catch the sunshine every so often. Considering, I work long hours as it is, I have to force myself to work only for so many hours a day. Writing is emotionally draining, somedays you produce a lot, some days not so much. Not because you have hit a blank wall, but because you have been working yourself to the limit. I have a system in place so that I remain productive, and don’t hit a creative dry well. By spacing things out, I produce more, I get to enjoy some of life, and I don’t come down with a bad dose of writer’s block.

Your stories are life-like. Have you endured some of the scenarios that the characters in your stories experience? Not always, I just do my research, feel for the characters and hope I struck a nerve somehow.

Hey! You haven’t responded to my comment or email. Do you not love me? I love all of my villagers. However, I am only one person. It takes time to respond, so please be patient. I have to handle everything on my own. Writing, hosting my website, marketing, replying to comments and other such stuff. I try to sit down and answer a bulk of emails at once, usually from oldest to newest, so please bear with me, I’d love to talk, I get a lot of messages, so there will be a little bit of a wait between communications.

Where are you from? I am from the sunny isle of Ireland... Eh, I suppose temperate... Okay, windy, rainy, cloudy, Éire I mean. I am originally from Dublin, but I currently live in the countryside and I have grown to hate the noisy hustle and bustle of a city.

Will You finish Even If We Tried? EIWT has a special place in my heart. The character of Sam reminds me a lot of myself when I was younger. Unfortunately, as I have been trying to build my author platform I have put it temporarily off a few times in the past. Though I will get to it soon. I will write it, but other obligations keep popping up for books that have larger audiences. I am currently writing You & I - Book 2, and I wish to write another book for the Noah Finch Chronicles before I embark on my detective fiction idea. Therefore, I'll probably finish EIWT after I write my first crime book to have a change of pace.

How Do You Write? I am a panster at heart. Sometimes I go by a skeleton outline if I hit a brick wall while writing. I'd rather not know where the story is going as I like to see it for the first time as the reader sees it for the first time when they read it. I have excessively plotted some content, the novel being Chasing Christmas. Everything about the festive book was plotted down to the last detail on signposts. I still had fun as I wrote it, though I still love the power of the unknown when telling a story. I try to aim for an average of 2000 words a day. On average it takes about two hours to produce that amount and equates to about 6-8 pages.  Plus, I detest editing, but I know it is an important element and I have gotten better since I began.