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Whats New...

- As They Say, is out now on Amazon and Google. You can grab a copy for half price until January 31st. Don't forget: I'll be live on Youtube at 5 PM (GMT). Links in bio.

- As They Say comes out on January 29th, 2022 on Amazon and Google Play. Grab yourself a copy and enjoy a tale set on the Emerald Isle.

- Folder X is out now; a story about bullying a suicide. It was an important creation for me, and any proceeds earned will be donated to The Trevor Project (USA) & BelongTo (IRE). Please support the endeavour.

- Dumbstruck - Pt 2 is expected to launch on Januaray 31st 2021. Sign up to my mailing list to ensure you don't miss all the updates along the way. :)

- Great news; I have a new book in the works, and I hope to have it finished by the end of the year. Dumbstruck Part two will be continuing the adventure of Brayden and Julian. Sign up to my mailing list to be noticed of its launch and more.

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