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As They Say - Book 1

When a new boy arrives in the middle of the night in a small, quiet rural town in Ireland, local boy Adam Walsh takes an interest in the new kid. Adam is a popular small-town boy who gets paired with the new arrival. Ross, however, is a city boy, hailing from London. Being total opposites, they somehow manage to cross paths. Soon the boys are forced to bond by adults, and it sets forth the confusion of love. What appears to start as nothing more than nervous giggles and jittery speech turns into a pact neither boy can come to understand. A bond that will forever change both teenagers, and they'll experience something more than friendship. It seems like a dream, and everybody is scared until the ball drops, and someone finally makes a move. How will the boy's parents, friends, and love for each other come together? Will it either work in their favor or wedge them apart forever?


€4.99 | £4.17 | $5.64

Expected: 29th January, 2022

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