Hellooooo Folks!


Interested in joining my domicile, then look no further. Here you can connect with me, get to know each other, and build a small settlement into a village, then hopefully, a living, awesome clan.


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Why did I choose Patreon?

Well, I listened and heard. Folks want more, further writing, more profound narrative tales, and an online presence. By becoming a part of my exclusive extended family, it enables me to work from home, pursuing what I love to do without the fear of distraction of outside odd jobs to stay afloat. 


I have plenty of material I wish to write, but not a lot of hours free to write it. How awesome would it be to be supported for doing what you love? It's a win-win for everybody. I have plenty of content to share, rewards to create and give away, with expected exclusives.


Check out my page, and please consider helping me out. Awesomeness is awaiting. :)  

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