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When Brayden meets Julían at a rest stop during a road trip to Wakefield, he instantly falls head over heels for a stranger. Nervous, closeted, and with his heart pounding, he approaches the boy's camp, strikes up a conversation, and they become friends. Fast-forward a few months; he travels to Millers Point on a surprise quest to see Julían. All Brayden wants is for the friendship to reach a new height and for young Julían to acknowledge that they are going steady. And several months later with the boys now officially boyfriends, and Julían having arrived in Newhaven to compete in his hockey final, the two boys navigate their first ever intimate moment, fight and life in general.


Dumbstruck is an episodic serial. 

Read Order: 
Dumbstruck 2 
Dumbstruck 3
Dumbstruck 4 (Coming Soon) 

Dumbstruck 5 (Coming Soon)


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Dumbstuck 2 - Cover.jpg
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