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Ezra Campbell is infatuated with Jaxson Paquette, the boy of his dreams who volunteers with his sister at a kissing booth. Ezra wants to kiss Jaxson but is too afraid of rejection. However, when he uses his powers to freeze time and steal a kiss, he discorvers a mysterious boy with powers like his. Confused and uncertain, Ezra tries to catch up with the boy, but it's not until the two boys collide that Ezra realizes that he’s just bumped into his doppelganger.

Grappling with the implications of his discovery, Ezra must navigate the consequences of his actions with Jaxson, all while avoiding the danger lurking at the local funfair. Ezra must decide what he is willing to risk to uncover the truth.

Whirlwind is a thrilling coming-of-age novel that explores the complexities of identity, love, and power.

Releases: October 1st, 2023


Fourteen-Year-Old Eoin is facing some tough obstacles. His best friend takes him out for the day hoping he’d be able to forget about all the difficulties. When the two boys skip a full day of responsibilities to go diving, they realize it is just what they needed to escape the pressures of reality. Everyone is happy, until Eoin finally speaks his mind.

Release Date: TBA

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