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Julian and Brayden are together again at long last, and their relationship has now entered the boyfriend stage. Months ago, Julian made a promise that he'd take his hockey team to the state championships so he'd be able to see Brayden again. The boy didn't disappoint, and with the final hockey game looming over his head, Julian must learn how to navigate the treacherous waters of first love and fall out with Brayden.

Releases: July 29th, 2022

Running from his abusive Dad, seventeen-year-old Kyle skips out on his old life and searches for a new one far from his old home. Spanning halfway across the country, Kyle ends up in St. Clement, where he meets Matias, a boy who likes him. It's all fun and games at the beginning; you have the sights, the people, and the new culture. It's all wonderful until the pressures of adulthood creep in, and Kyle is confronted with some difficult decisions. After some tough calls, both boys get involved in the gritty underworld of St. Clement. The romance is cut short, and the adventure turns to terror as they are forced to go on the run. They'll have to do some horrible things, things they are not proud of, to make it out of the situation in one alive. 

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