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In a small, quiet trailer park where summer vacations bring routine excitement, two young boys find themselves entwined in a delicate dance of friendship and unspoken love. Cody, finds himself captivated by the beauty and charm of Dalton, a mysterious and alluring figure in his life. A sudden rainstorm forces them to seek shelter in a garage, leading to a candid conversation about acceptance, love, and identity. Dalton's questions about sexuality prompt Cody to reflect on his own feelings and beliefs, creating a tender moment of vulnerability between the two friends. In this fleeting moment of intimacy and self-discovery, Cody and Dalton find solace in each other's company, forging a bond that will shape their memories of that summer forever.

Releases: 12th July, 2024


Maverick Porter, spends his summer days as a delivery boy for his family's fast food restaurant and finds himself infatuated with a young boy he delivers pizza to at a grand mansion one afternoon. Days later, Maverick is working in the restaurant when the same boy walks in with another boy. Maverick's heart races as he takes their order and directs them to a table. He can't help but feel jealous of the other boy, but he tries to focus on his job. When the boys finish and leave, Maverick can't shake the feeling that he missed an opportunity.

Will Maverick ever get the chance to confess his feelings to his prince charming? Only time will tell in this heartwarming tale of love and pizza.

Releases: 17th May, 2024

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