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Dumbstruck - Part 2

Brayden, a gay 14-year old boy, travels to Millers Point on a surprise quest to see Julian. A journey of a lifetime awaits Brayden as he sets off on an adventure across thousands of miles of dense forests, bare tundras, and populated cities to meet with a boy he met during a one-night camping trip. Though the boys have kept in contact since summer, unforeseen circumstances prevented Brayden from seeing Julian. All he wants is for the friendship to reach a new height and for young Julian to acknowledge that they are going steady. Join the two young boys for another night of fun, cutesy, and believable romance that will make your heart swoon. You can't fault a guy who is willing to travel thousands of miles in misery to see the one he loves.


Dumbstuck 2 - Cover.jpg

€2.99 | $3.60  | £2.70

Available in eBook

Out: February 17th 2021

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