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The Noah Finch Chronicles

The exploits of Noah Finch is a collection of wacky-wild adventures featuring comedic characters with gut-wrenching moments of drama, love, and heart racing adrenaline. Each piece is a new venture where the cast, and Noah, a gay teenager tries to battle out problems as they arise.

Chasing Xmas.jpg

Christmas Eve is supposed to be a festive and jolly time for everyone. However, what young Noah Finch realizes this Christmas is that life has a way of kicking you in the gut while you're down. Deep in the closet, Noah groans as the family gather. Only to find that an unexpected rise of circumstances result in his crush Elijah and his family being taken in by Noah's mother for the holidays. What starts off as playful flirting takes a dramatic outcome in the icy, knee-deep conditions of a Chicago neighborhood when Noah's, cousin Lucas provokes a group of teenagers. Grab yourself a copy if you like funny, charming, romance with a bit of drama and thriller in the mix.

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