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12 Movies Of Christmas

Hey Everyone,

With Christmas around the corner, and with folks asking what inspired me to write my book Chasing Christmas. I’ve decided to share with you the movies I tried to emulate the nostalgic feeling of when I wrote the only LGBTQ Novel length Christmas story I know of on Gayauthors and Nifty. Though the first question is simple… Why did I write an entire novel based on Christmas? The answer, I had never read a full-length Xmas story revolving around a gay character of its size. So, as to give back a little Christmas cheer, I’ve decided to compile a list of 12 films to represent my 12 Movies To Christmas. My selection for the run-up to the big day. It was difficult, I had a list of 112 movies from all across the world, but I have narrowed it down.

Here goes: (Youtube Trailers are attached.)

Honourable Mentions

If you are interested in reading my book Chasing Christmas, I'll include the link below. The book is free on Kindle Unlimited. I am working hard on a Christmas present, so, for now, I will leave you with my watchlist. How about you… What movies will you watch in the run-up to Christmas Eve? I'd love to hear. I am wishing everyone an earlier Merry Christmas if we don't speak, so have a good one :)


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