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A Case Of Jitters - Cover Reveal

Great news; I have A Case Of Jitters book cover to share with you; it has taken some time, but I am proud to give you all the first look ahead of time. The story is coming along nicely; almost finished now. I'm tipping away at the chapter 21 of my second draft. Heres to hoping I finish by Mid April. For folks who are in my Inner-Circle on Patreon bookmarks will come with the book when I ship them out once they are printed. It's still new territory, creating merchandise, but I thought it would be neat to have it go alone with the book. I'll try to set up a small side option for folks who wish to buy the book directly off of me; I'll inlcude the bookmark and sign a copy.

I reached out to my designer Milos who created the covers for You & I and Light The Night. Lovely guy and both of us are always on the same page. It is a pleasure to collaborate with someone who understands what it is you are attempting to accomplish. The cover is the doorway to my world, the story I am about to take you on. It’s pivotal. It all has to go well at welcoming you into the tale I’m about to weave. I attempt to let folks who are creating something outside of my novels a little creative freedom to express their view of my creation. But I always include my own ideas for the front cover. I gave two main concepts for Milos to work with. One is a scene that takes place in Jacob’s bedroom after he has a fight with August, making it a pivotal scene in the book. The second entry is the visuals of the two boys escaping into the night on their date. The dating scene ended up becoming the centerpiece of the title, and the bedroom sketch of the boy ended up being the spine matter. I’m not an easy person to please; I’m exceptionally attuned to tiny details, often asking for many changes until I am happy. Thankfully, I have found a talented designer to work alongside, who is patient and takes his profession seriously. Milos created something memorable that I will proudly display; the entire process taking about two weeks. Typically, I get excited like a child in a candy shop when I see my newest book cover. It is like I am mentally noting that this is what I am striving toward. The outcome for this cover; it just encapsulates everything I was aiming to achieve.

Well; I guess thats it for now. Stick around as reveal more about my WIP as I work toward annoucing a relase date, personal thoughts on the finshed novel, and sneak peaks.

More Information on the book - Click Here -


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