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As They Say Soundtrack

Hey guys, I just thought I’d make an unscheduled post here about a soundtrack I never included, that is until now. As some of you may know, music plays a colossal part in my personal life, and the music somehow manages to end up in my writing one way or another. If I don’t directly reference it, I will search out a song from my music bank and write a scene exclusively to the emotion take away from the song. As They Say was no different, and I thought I’d share some of the important pieces of music that inspired certain scenes.

1. 95 - By Picture This. This song gave birth to all the muddled feelings that Adam had during his trial and error time in the story. Although the song is not associated with a scene it is when you consider a story motivation that spans several entries. This song also played a role when Ross was scene playing football on his own and also the morning Adam came down the stairs to see Ross for the first time.

2. Never Change - By Picture This. Never Change developed the story further with some of the lovely-dovey scenes in the book. Little scenes like the lake when Adam is looking at Ross almost exclusively came from this song.

3. You & I - By Picture This. You & I would later go on to be named my story You & I, I told you music plays a large agenda in my story world. It is not the first time I have named a story after a song… for instance Even If We Tried suffered the same fate. However, this song in particular was played mostly when the lads went exploring the countryside.

4. Addicted To You - By Picture This. The in question this time is the more personal quarters selection. This song was used with the writing of the radio antenna scene that the boy later climbs, also the day where the Adam and Ross are rained on when returning home. Most fun-loving scenes containing Ross were written solely to this piece.

5. Get Here - By Oleta Adams. When the news of Ross’s departure reaches Adam, he is deviated the boy he has fallen in love with will be leaving soon. The song is dedicated to all the messy and jumbled up thoughts the teenager tried to think up to stay in touch with his first love.

6. Give It Up - KC & The Sunshine Band. Need I say more, this song was heard on the radio in my own home when I was getting lunch one afternoon. I had been looking for a good song to have the two boys dance to and be goofy. Ironically, the song was on the radio when I entered my kitchen and I used this. The original idea was Under Pressure, but I loved this song to much not to include it in the story. I may or may not have acted like the boys… I might have dance around my kitchen in joy that I found the right song.

7. Too-Ra-Loo-Ra-Loo-Ra - By Hank Locklin. This song was meant as a joke to my boyfriend and father. I mentioned the song as I was writing the story for a laugh. Little did I know that this song would later be used for the tractor scene with Carl and Adam and also the scene where Adam ends up in the ditch when Carl’s dad nearly runs him over with the tractor.

8. I Don’t Know Why - Gavin James. Gavin James has always been a personal favorite so it seemed stupid to have an Irish story and not include him in a love story. I wrote serval scenes to this piece, I also wrote the boys last sexual moment to this song and also the climb up Carrauntoohil. The song would later be used again along with Distraction Days in the finale when Adam leaps from his window to see Ross off.

9. Spring - By Marcelo Zarvos. This song was used to the boys first sexual experience and kiss. The kiss scene by the lake when the two boys where on top of each came from this song.

10. Hill -- By Sleeping At Last. Hill emulated the emotion I was struggling to produce when the boys climbed the antenna. I was trying to emulate the fear, but trust that Adam placed in Ross’s judgment while I wrote this piece. In the end, I ended up writing the entire scene around this emotion. I have no idea where the hill or antenna came from, but thank good the song was there.

11. Distraction Days By The Album Leaf. Last but least, is this ambient track which simulated the sense of loneliness and quilt for Adam after his father found out about the two boys, and the restless night Adam has as he can’t sleep the entire night prior to Ross’s departure. The premise of this was to understand that good things are not meant to last and that people come and go… if you are lucky some stay. Unfortunately that higher power was out of the boys control.



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