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Before The Storm - It's Here!

Hey Friend,

Let me start by saying thank you for your patience. It has been a few months since my last book update, and I've been working tirelessly on multiple projects, but now the wait is over. Some five completed projects and four months on now, to be exact since my last release, I'm ready to announce BTS. I've many awesome projects coming up, too, though this week, I'd like to talk about Before The Storm. I started this novel in 2018, stopped and started, and I'm delighted to say it is finally here to experience. Before The Storm is available for pre-order on Amazon, and it will be available to buy on Amazon and Google Play on June 18th 2021. The narrative style of Fredrik Backman inspired my latest opus. A few years ago, while on a road trip, my boyfriend and I popped into a store to buy food. There was a book zone in one corner of the shop, which didn't seem to fit in, but I gravitated toward the books like a moth to light. It was a fluke. I picked up the book Björnstad (Beartown,) read the first couple of pages and decided to buy the novel as it was on sale. After vacation, I started on Before The Storm, which centres around a group of interconnected people during a hurricane. At the root of the narrative, it's about domestic abuse, father figures and facing inner demons. I liked the gradual progression of Björnstad (Beartown) how it built up to a dramatic climax. So, I wanted to recreate that feeling but have my story more thriller based. I was intrigued at the time when hurricane Irma had made landfall. How it levelled many communities in the Caribbean Islands, and the story was initially set in Tampa. I felt it added extra urgency to the quick-paced narrative, and thankfully it worked out. As with my newer stories, I have fictionalized the locations now. Even my older works are getting the same treatment. So, it takes place in Newhaven of my fictional America. A Case of Jitters occurs here, so the location is familiar if you have read from my backlist. I won't go much into detail; I want to let you know that the book is on its way. Give the synopsis and reveal the cover. I'm also happy with the book cover. I took an evening, put it together, and it worked out swell. I'll be revealing some more stuff over the next week about the story as it leads up to the big day. Stay tuned for other fun announcements. I'll have news about Until Dawn, As They Say, & Dumbstruck 3 coming up. Until then, D.K.



Hurricanes roll in off the ocean all the time, but for Zack & Elizabeth Morrison, they have their own private storm. Fleeing from a failed marriage, abusive husband, Liz goes on the run with Zack, and they take refuge in an emergency evacuation centre in a local high school. Zack befriends a budding youth called Lucas, and they instantly click as they originate from similar backgrounds. Outside in the challenging hail, Tad Morrison has escaped from prison, leaving an officer dead on the side of the road and a young father begging for help from the destruction Tad left while hunting down his fragile family.


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