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Before The Storm -Out Now

Hey folks,

Before The Storm is out now, wow. Another book down, and I'm one novel closer to my goal of completing my entire previously released backlist. For a while, I started to wonder if I'd ever make it to this point, where I'd be able to tell you the book has launched. But, instead, the past few weeks have felt neverending. I have done a lot of editing between a few projects, and I'm happy with the course of direction. The goal next is to wrap up the final touches for Until Dawn. Just so the release can go forward for all those folks who love Halloween. If you are a Samhain fanatic, we will be lifelong friends. I have three projects at equal milestones, so I'll let you know when those enter into the release radar.

They are:

Until Dawn

As They Say

Dumbstruck 3

I can't wait to share more stories with you. For now, you can grab your copy of Before The Storm on Amazon & Google Play. Let me know what you think, and don't forget to leave a review on Amazon & Goodreads if you enjoyed the story. My muse would really like that gesture.





Hurricanes roll in off the ocean all the time, but for Zack & Elizabeth Morrison, they have their own private storm. Fleeing from a failed marriage, abusive husband, Liz goes on the run with Zack, and they take refuge in an emergency evacuation centre in a local high school. Zack befriends a budding youth called Lucas, and they instantly click as they originate from similar backgrounds. Outside in the challenging hail, Tad Morrison has escaped from prison, leaving an officer dead on the side of the road and a young father begging for help from the destruction Tad left while hunting down his fragile family.


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