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Better With You & Other Updates

Hi–Hi Friend,

I'm sharing some good news, and if you are looking for a new read, it is coming your way. The past fourteen days have been jam-packed for Damon and me. Fast-forward the two nights we did chainsaw duty at a scare event and terrified 3000+ people, fast-forward all the prep for Halloween, our haunt, being sick, and with moving house on the horizon. We are now on a clear directory for Christmas, and I have a few things to share to keep you in the loop.


Better With You

Remember when I mentioned a multiverse for As They Say? Well, the short story Better With You will be available to preorder Monday the 15th of November. The story will go live on the 19th, and then you can read it, buy, or whatever. This short was neat to write, and I'm delighted to share it with the world, finally. I'll leave the synopsis below, along with the book cover.


David is focused, determined and hardworking. And when he is not training for the regional triathlon with his cute mentor, he spends all his spare time daydreaming about Lincoln. Lincoln has a crush on David, and Lincoln is pretty sure David is gay. What started as a favor to spot for the younger boy turns into a wobble of emotions. So, when the attractions grow evident, David must decide whether he wishes to pursue his hobby or chase after Lincoln.



Also, I'm working on the third installment for the Dumbstruck series, and I plan to complete it by Christmas. If all goes well, I'll try to have it up for all to read during the Xmas season, but don't hold me to that deadline. The story is getting more complex, so it takes time to write. I'm not too fond of rushing. In the past, I used to rush to get projects out, but it often ended up not being my best work. Every time I release a story, I want it to be the best it can be.



The 30th of October and the 11th of November formally made my stories A World Between and Light The Night 3-years-old. With A World Between being my first ever paid story, it was a significant milestone for me. Looking back, I have realized I have come a long way since starting out. However, none of what I do would be possible with you. So, thank you for taking the time to read my ramblings. I hope the stories I write bring some enjoyment.


How I Live Now

First, I'm thrilled to say my novel How I Live Now is complete. Currently, I'm working on some final revisions for the epilogue of the book. Updates will continue on G.A. and Cornercafe over the next few weeks. By the time I get around to releasing the book on Amazon, you're talking spring 2022, but you can read the first draft on those websites above.


Live Reading

How Do You Feel About This Proposal? I'm trying out something new, and since the 12th of December makes Chasing Christmas 3-years-old too, I'm thinking of doing an exclusive reading of the story live. Twenty-two chapters, Twenty-two days, each segregated into an hour a day. You can grab yourself a copy of the book, and we can read the novel together simultaneously, ask questions, and whatnot. If this is something you'd like to participate in with me, let me know below by voting on it. I think it is cool, something different to look forward to on the run-up to Christmas :) So, vote on it below. Click on the link to go to survey monkey.





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