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Chasing Christmas - Give Away/ Live Reading.

Hi Guys, Firstly, just a quick update, the live reading of Chasing Christmas is going great. If you have yet to join us, please do. I'm live every evening at 10 PM (GMT.) Make sure to check the time difference. You can also watch reruns of the stream from my YouTube channel after the event has ended if you need to play catchup. So, grab yourself a copy, and come share in the festive vibe with me as I read, crack jokes and answer questions :) Links found via my linktree. I plan to go live tonight, but in unforeseen circumstances, I apologize. Currently, Ireland is on alert as storm Barra passes close to land, which may disrupt power. However, fingers crossed, it goes by without any problems. I'll let folks know via social media if circumstances change. Lastly, I'm giving away three signed copies of Chasing Christmas. Folks already on my mailing list don't have to do anything, but if you know people who might be interested too, have them sign up to my mailing list. That's all you have to do, and I'll be picking random readers to win the lottery. I'll be reaching out to the winners soon. The closing date is December 10th, 2021. People who sign up afterward will be void of the lottery. I'll try to send them to readers by Christmas, as the last day for international shipping in Ireland is December 13th.


  • Chapter 36 (day71) of How I Live is available on Patreon.

  • Chapter 35 (day59) of How I Live is available on GayAuthors.

  • Chapter 25 (day43) of How I Live is available on CornerCafe.

  • Behind The Story, content has started for How I Live, where you get to see all my plot notes.

  • Until Dawn has completed its regular posting over on CornerCafe.

  • Social Media links updated on Linktree.

  • Chapters 1-10 of Chasing Christmas are available on YouTube, over six hours of live commentary by me.



Christmas Eve is supposed to be a festive and jolly time for everyone. However, what young Noah Finch realizes this Christmas is that life has a way of kicking you in the gut while you're down. As the family gathers an unexpected arise of circumstances result in his crush and family being taken in by Noah's mother for the holidays. What starts off as playful flirting takes a dramatic outcome in the icy, knee-deep conditions of a Chicago neighborhood when Noah's, cousin Lucas provokes a group of teenagers.


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