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Dumbstruck - Email 1

Dumbstruck Part 3 is almost here; it releases on July 29th, 2022. It will roll out on Google and Amazon in eBook format. Though if you wish to grab a paperback version of the story, there is one of those too on Amazon. The book can be reordered now. However, I’m here to answer a few questions about my newest book and what it is all about. So, in a nutshell, D3 revolves around two boys, Brayden and Julian, who are now a happy couple, following on from the previous two installments. Julian uses his hockey tournament to travel the long distance and see his first love. While everything is wonderful and happy, the lads experience their first bit of drama and have to work through some differences to make the relationship they have built last. By the end of the story, they are back to their original selves, and the story’s romance presses on.

I’m thrilled to be sharing this edition. I’ve come to love the characters I have created, and I’m psyched to share the news of another installment. I am currently working on Dumbstruck – Part 4, but today, it’s all about D3. The novel has been coming for some time and turned out way bigger than expected. Usually, I tend to avoid the middle of summer when releasing a book. The heat proves too much for me, and it feels like my brain is sizzling like a fried egg. However, since people have been asking me when the next segment of the story came out, I choose to toil away at it and get this one out to folks.

Recently I have been dabbling with graphic design more, and since I used to draw when I was a teenager, it’s like learning to ride a bike all over again, but the artistic knowledge is still there. So, today, I’ll leave you with a cover of real and full drawings of the two protagonists I drew myself. Having faces to go along with the characters I have completed is neat. I’ve also created the map of the Greater Newhaven area that I put in the third book, though I’ll share that later.

Let me know who’d choose to be your ideal boyfriend.

Julian (Team Blue)

Brayden (Team Pink)

Vote on it below, and I’ll share the results before the book’s launch. It’s anonymized, so you don’t share details other than your vote.

That’s it for now.




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