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How I Live Now - Email 1

Last month, an announcement was made about the upcoming release of How I Live Now. I am delighted to say; that the novel is well on its way to you. The launch date is May 28th, 2022. I’m also aiming to try something different this time around, and I hope it is a little more informal and enjoyable. It’s been some time coming, and I am thrilled to announce the story will be available soon on Amazon and Google Play. It is also available to read on Patreon. I have some interesting facts, artwork, and discussions to share about HILN, so buckle up over the next few entries, and I’ll introduce you to the characters and the world I’ve created. I’ll be keeping it simple today, just the synopsis and the cover reveal, but more is on the way :)


Running from his abusive Dad, seventeen-year-old Kyle skips out on his old life and searches for a new one far from his old home. Travelling halfway across the country, Kyle ends up in St. Clement, where he meets Matias, a boy who likes him. It’s all fun and games at the beginning; you have the sights, the people, and the new culture. It’s all wonderful until the pressures of adulthood creep in, and Kyle is confronted with some difficult decisions. After some tough calls, both boys get involved in the gritty underworld of St. Clement. The romance is cut short, and the adventure turns to terror as they are forced to go on the run. They’ll have to do some horrible things that they are not proud of to stay alive.


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