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How I Live Now - Email 3

Another little segment for you all here. This section will discuss the remainder of the noteworthy characters in How I Live Now and drop the official soundtrack. You can listen to it ahead of the release date of May 28th, 2022. The eBook version is up for pre-order, and the paperback should be following soon after once I work through some obstacles with Amazon. Let’s get to it.

Pauli: a.k.a. Tiny. He is a henchman for Salvatore and has been a loyal associate for over 15 years. With Salvatore’s smarts and Pauli’s muscle, they grow a small drug operation into a large-scale citywide network. As time goes on, we learn that tiny has a bit of a soft spot for Matias, but he is put to the test when loyalty is brought into question. Oh, and not only is the man abnormally large, which his nickname would suggest otherwise, but he is also a chain smoker.

Amy: she is a 35-40-year old Latina of Cuban ancestry. At the time of the story, she works as a store employee, doing her 9-to-5 job, feeling like her life is going nowhere. However, when she comes across Kyle, the two share a nice bond, as the company assigns her to teach Kyle the ropes, and Amy becomes a motherly figure for Kyle. Amy is the mother of two boys, Matias, 17-years-old and Hudson, 10-years-old. She lives in St. Clement with her two children and her husband Hector, who she met at college.

Hudson: he is a 10-year-old boy, the younger brother of Matias and the son of Amy and Hector. Hudson lives in St. Clement with his family; he goes to school and is a sixth-grader. Matias and Hudson’s relationship is sometimes strained, but they both love one another unconditionally. Hudson tends to be sarcastic, and this annoys Matias. He loves sugary candy and chocolate, but he sometimes forgets to check his intake, considering he’s a diabetic. Later in the story, unfortunately, Hudson is subjected to the criminal world due to Matias’s negligence, which promotes the speedy exit Matias wishes from the criminal underworld.

Sonny: He is a sleazy guy who runs a nightclub in downtown St. Clement, and due to unfortunate circumstances Matias, followed by Kyle, ends up in the man’s office on separate occasions due to the criminal nature they have been dragged toward. However, although Sonny tends to run things by the books and keep most things legal, he does have an unhealthy fascination with teenage boys, which further puts both boys in imperil situations.

Soundtrack: I’ve premade playlists for ease of listening. You can find them by clicking on the retrospective platform. YouTube or Spotify. The complete list is below if you wish to check them out yourself. One song didn’t make the playlist on YouTube as I can’t find it, but you can listen to Desperdidas – Roque Baños on Spotify.

What She’s Lost – Danny Elfman

Lego Bricks – Euan Allison

Öde – Silver Maple

Bedruthan Steps - KEYNVOR

Magic Hour – The Dramatics

Flake Dance – Ian Post

The War – SMYL

Partisans – Ólafur Arnalds

The Evidence - Danny Elfman

All Is Lost - Danny Elfman

Sy and Jake – Johnny Klimek

Beverly – Benjamin Wallfisch

Be The One – Moby

Nord – Haav

Desperdidas – Roque Baños

Emancipation - Helios

I guess that brings us to the end of this email; I hope you found this interesting. I’ll catch you on the next one. I’ll leave it there, so it doesn’t drag out much longer, but I want to know. Who is your favourite character so far? Who do you think you might like?




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