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It Would Be You - New Xmas Story

Hi guys,

I'm dropping you a line to wish you a Merry Christmas, and I hope you get all the presents you wanted from Santa. Thank you for a wonderful year, and going forward, I can't wait to share more of my stories with you. To thank you, I have compiled a long novelette called It Would Be You—the tale revolves around a windowed 37-year-old, Dominic McCreadie. Life is hard, but he does his best to raise his young son Eric after losing his partner Alex a few years previously. And with the recent arrival of a new, handsome doctor in the town, Dominic begins to appreciate love all over again. I wanted to write something new and from a different perspective than usual. I hope you like it. The story will only be available exclusively to my Patreon subscribers and folks on my mailing list. I had intended to release the story in one go, but it ended up longer than I thought. Therefore, I've broken it into two, so I can manage it. Plus, so I can enjoy my Christmas, too, lol. I'll include the dates below, and you'll get an email from me on those days containing the story :) So, if you have friends, who love a nice Christmas love story, then get them to sign up for my newsletter. Think of the story as a stocking filler.

I'll include a Christmas song to get you in the spirit. It's a Tom Walker song, and it fits the story's vibe.

Click here to listen.



It Would Be You - Posting Schedule

Part 1: December 25th, 2021

Part 2: December 31st, 2021


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