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The Boy From Summer - New Story

Hey guys,

I'm back from my vacation, and I am itching to write more than ever. My camping trip in 2017 with my boyfriend inspired me to write As They Say. The idea was to explore our own country before going international. Over the past five years, we have spent most of our free time learning the history and geography of Ireland. Before that time, we never realized how beautiful our own country is, and it puts the history of our nation into reflection. The break was much needed, and I got to see many interesting places in Ireland. If you haven't checked out my travel Instagram, head over to insta to see fantastic pictures of Ireland.

Currently, there are a few admin matters that need fixing before I get back to my writing. However, there will be a lot of content getting an official release between August-October. As They Say, Until Dawn and Dumbstruck are all coming. So, stay tuned for all that fun stuff.

I'm spilling the tea on my next upcoming project. The Boy From Summer is a modern short set in my fictional town of Ballyoran. If you are a fan of, As They Say, you will be glad to know I have brought back some familiar locations and people in this standalone story—the tale centres around two boys who explore the early manipulations of attraction. The story is a tribute to As They Say, which turned 3-years-old this summer. Plus, I wanted to offer something new to readers ahead of As They Say's launch. But that's not all the news to do with my As They Say multiverse... yeah, the multiverse. Okay... I have other information; another standalone story called Better With You and a full feature called So They Say will also be coming soon. I don't want to fess up all the details yet. I want to keep some things a surprise, but I'll be sharing the book covers for So They Say & Better With You shortly.


Tómas is the new boy on the block. Coming from Dublin with the stigma of being a foster kid, he has trouble making friends. Tómas wears beat-up shoes, faded clothes and lives from a bag. Everybody sees Tómas as the weird kid. Then he meets Fionn, a local boy who befriends him one afternoon. Little did Tómas know that Fionn would turn out to be his new best friend, and that's where emotions came to light. With the boys making fast friends, spending every waking minute with each other during the hot summer months, Fionn has been secretly crushing on Tòmas all this time. It's not untilTómas and Fionn go camping that these quaking emotions bubble to the surface.

Today, I'll be sharing the book cover for The Boy From Summer, and I'll be sharing the front cover for As They Say over the coming days. The Boy From Summer is slated for release on August 20th 2021. Make sure to check out my website for more details. Let me know what you think... I did the book cover myself this time around. It's my first time doing digital illustration... so... I'm happy with the end project. It was a great learning experience.




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