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The Boy From Summer

Tómas is the new boy on the block. Coming from Dublin with the stigma of being a foster kid, he has trouble making friends. Tómas wears beat-up shoes, faded clothes and lives from a bag. Everybody sees Tómas as the weird kid. Then he meets Fionn, a local boy who befriends him one afternoon. Little did Tómas know that Fionn would turn out to be his new best friend, and that's where emotions came to light. With the boys making fast friends, spending every waking minute with each other during the hot summer months, Fionn has been secretly crushing on Tòmas all this time. It's not until Tómas and Fionn go camping that these quaking emotions bubble to the surface.


€1.30 | $1.50 | £1.10

Available in eBook

Out: August 20th 2021

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