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We Are Here: Volume 1 - Tales Of Youth

Just for you, I bring a collection of beloved tales of mine all here in one place to enjoy. We Are Here is a volume of stories about love, hate, joy, and sadness. The narratives woven here are about real people, with real problems. Will you join to learn about a guy who is stood up at a bar, a young boy grieving for the loss of his best friend? There are stories about trials of confusion and acceptance, falling head over heels in love, and dark little darlings just waiting to be devoured.



  1. It's Okay To Say No

  2. Somebody To Listen

  3. Sometimes With Reality

  4. One To Love

  5. Love Like This

  6. Speed Bumps

  7. The Gift

  8. Those Days

  9. Who We Are

  10. Kiss Me, I'm Irish

  11. Louder Than Drums

  12. Midnight Taxi

  13. Almost

  14. The History Of A Bench

  15. Echoes Of Love

  16. Love In Paris

  17. Our Little Darlings

  18. A World Between



Available in Paperback & eBook

Published: May 20th 2020

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