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As They Say - Email 1

Hi Guys,

I've got fantastic news, an announcement that I've wanted to broadcast for months, and now that I can spill the tea, I'm practically dancing in the chair as I write this email. I'm proud to reveal As They Say is finally here, and it will be available to everyone on Amazon and Google Play on January 29th, 2022. I'm pushing to have the paperback ready on time too, but I will fill you in if this is not the case. It is an excellent time to mention; I'll be giving away two bookie boxes. (Only Available to people on my mailing list.) Make sure to sign up. They'll come with a signed copy of As They Say, along with a personal preference option, some merch high gloss covers, bookplates and other fun stuff. So folks will end up with two free books, and you may choose from one of the following: A Case of Jitters or We Are Here. As They Say, comes automatically included. I'll also take this moment to say; the book will launch with a half-price promotion for three days before returning to full price. This promotion runs from 29th-31st January. Make sure if you want to grab a copy. I'm planning on doing a live party on January 29th to celebrate the book, and it is also my birthday, so it really will be a party. Details will be coming soon. I'd love it if you'd turn up to celebrate both of these occasions with me. Releasing this book will mark an important milestone, as on this day, I will be publishing my first ever debut Irish novel. I'll announce all the details about the live stream event soon. Like always, I'll post some inside info on the characters and the story in my following email. I'll include below the actual cover for As They Say below, along with a downloadable cover to place on your cellphone lock screen :)


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