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As They Say - Inspiration

Hey everyone, Welcome back to our ongoing series where I've talked about my newest book, As They Say. The novel comes out on January 29th, 2022. And I'm stoked to share it with you; it was a long time in the making, but it's here now. It's the longest book I've written to date, and it clocks in at 450 pages. I'll be throwing a launch party on the day over on Youtube to celebrate the book and my birthday. You can join me for this, where I'll be discussing the book, answering questions, and dropping some news about my free giveaway. I'll go live at 5 PM (GMT.) Just check the time difference, guys, so you know when to tune in. Link for Livestream:


Digital versions: Digital versions of the story on Amazon and Google Play will be half price from Jan 29th-31st. So, if you are looking to get a deal first, then this is the time to grab a copy. I've also worked hard to get the paperback equivalent done, and with problems due to Brexit and current demand problems due to COVID, it's taking a little longer than expected. No Amazon store in Europe wants to ship books to Ireland. So, I've had to order from America, which can take up to two weeks. This hiccup has made it difficult to get a proof copy of my book, including author copies and has limited the number of people who can buy it in Ireland. I'm not sure if this has extended to mainland Europe. I want to deliver a quality book, so the paperback version is still in limbo for the minute. But I will be extending the deadline for the free giveaway to accommodate this, and it will be extended until February 15th. You can preorder the digital version from the link below. Preorder As They Say:


Enough with the boring stuff; let's get onto some exciting details, like how the story came about. Q. So, how did the story come about? A. I have my partner Damon to thank for this inspiration, as without him, the story wouldn't have made it off the starting block. We always spoke about travelling, camping and doing it on the cheap. We'd been together for about two years, and it was the first time we decided to travel on our own. So, we took off on a road trip around Ireland with Damon's little polo stacked to the brim, which we nicknamed the clown car. We made a deal that we'd spend two-three years in Ireland, exploring everything there was to see. In June 2017, we decided to start travelling; there is a lot to see, naturally, but this was the first time we got a taste of our own country. Everybody usually travels to Spain or France, but home was the first stop for us, and it surprised us. Everything was new, exciting and almost like an adventure. We both fell more in love with Ireland, unaware of what was on our doorstep. Seeing everything made me want to write about a story set at home rather than America, and when I got back, I caved to the idea. Though we spent some time in Kerry, that ended up being the basis for the story or the location anyway. I'd seen so many castles that it ended up making it into the novel, including Ross Castle and Killarney National Park. But yeah, I doubt the book would have come about if we hadn't embarked on that road trip. Q. What part of the book was hardest to write? A. Initially, it was a challenge to write during a period I wasn't familiar with. Sure, I've seen movies, watched TV series, and researched to have an idea of what 1991 was like, but it still presented a challenge. I hadn't even been born yet, not for another five years anyway. Views, beliefs and culture in Ireland were very different. In 2010, I was 14, and even then, sexuality wasn't as vocalized as it is today. So, I can't imagine what it would have been like thirty-odd years ago. Q. What characters do you relate to the most? A. Personally, I am tied with two characters. I see many traits of myself in Thomas, but also Adam. Sometimes Adam has a snarky inner voice that criticizes himself for his blunders or when something is abundantly clear. Yet, I feel like Thomas is an underappreciated character, and I can relate to feeling like the odd person out in a group of friends, the type of kid who just tags along, hoping to fit in. Q. Can you give a little bit of information about the main characters? A. I'll try; it's funny, considering I can write an entire book without a problem. Yet, ask me to talk about them outside of the book; I'm useless. Adam: Adam is this confident, sympathetic 14-year-old who is coming to terms with his sexuality. He's easily pleased and wants to make others happy too. Due to this newfound knowledge, his interest in other boys begins to derail Adam, making him somewhat more nervous than he'd normally be accustomed to. Ross: Ross is this precocious boy who moved temporarily from London as his parent's sort through a heated life crisis. This places Ross with his grandparents and, in turn, gives the two boys the chance to meet. I envisioned that Ross knew who he was, and when he found out that Adam also might be gay, he toyfully made advances to see if he'd provoke Adam. Eli: Eli is one of Adam's best friends, and though he might be hotheaded, he seems to be the one Adam trusts most. Eli accepts people at face value, no questions asked. He expects you to treat him civil, and he will do the same. Carl: Carl, the son of a farmer, is Adam's best friend. When they were younger, the boys were inseparable. However, life has gotten busy, and they are struggling to keep the friendship alive based on past nostalgia. Thomas: Thomas is that kid everyone has had tag along with them; he's quiet, gentle and caring. Above all, he just wants to fit in, but he's also got a secret just like Adam, which further complicates Adams's love life. Emma: Emma is that nagging girl that Adam wishes he could do without. Since she has a crush on him, Adam often feels pressured to conform to other peoples ideal view of who he should be. That is until the pestering becomes too much, and Adam does irreparable damage. Q. Is there a sequel planned? A. The short answer: yes. I've meddled around with a few places where I could go. I've written a few thousand words of a second book, but I haven't had a chance to dedicate much time to the project. I'd like to say I'll continue the story with a new setting and new premise. Maybe I'll get cracking on that idea soon; who knows; I just take each day as it comes. For all I know, I could wake up tomorrow and start writing a sequel. Well, that's all for now, folks; I won't bore you any longer with more mindless information. If you are interested in learning more about Behind The Story, I post all my handwritten notes, character profiles and whatnot on Patreon. I also include stories, so if this is something you'd like to check out, the link is below. Patreon Link:


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