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Merry Christmas & 2020 progress

Hey folks,

Merry Christmas if we don't get to speak before the big day. Oh, and Happy New year. Can you believe it, the year is almost over? I can't. Though most people will want to choose to forget 2020 for it being a disastrous year, there are a few things that I have taken away from a year in review. Such things will mean something entirely different for everybody, but I am thankful for all those who I love are healthy. Even, in short, I didn't do too bad. I got to travel to Denmark and Sweden before the lockdowns and the rapid spread of COVID. I even got to do some research for one of my future projects, cycle around Kopenhagen with my boyfriend visiting castles, trying Remoulade... (I promise it's not as bad as it looks.) We celebrated five years together. And, I had a camping staycation here in Ireland after the ease of restrictions... (the first time.)

I've attended a few family gatherings; spent an afternoon with my boyfriend's cousins, who are masters at breaking golf clubs, and I've been hugely disappointed with video game releases this year. Plus, my braces here were taken off. Though, in hindsight, I somehow managed to release three books this year - A Case of Jitters, We Are Here: Vol 1, and Dumbstruck. Speaking of Dumbstruck, I am working on a sequel; and it will be ready soon. I have slated the release for January 31st, 2021. If you haven't read the first book, be sure to do it; it's a continuation of the original story. I'm really excited about sharing this one; Julian and Brayden meet again.

I've also been able to write over 40k words for You & I - Part 2, which I hope to release in March 2021. I completed a Halloween novelette about Werewolves called Until Dawn in October just gone, and participate in a joint short story collection with many other authors. To name a few, AC Benus, Mikiesboy, Thorn Wilde, and Comicality even had a tale in the book. I never thought I'd be included in a book alongside Comicality; it's incredible. Same Love can be downloaded free - forever from my website or Google Play. Sorry Amazon folks... Amazon doesn't make it easy.

So far this year, I have written 150,000 thousand words, breaking my record set in 2019. Here's to hoping in 2021, I'll be able to reach the inane level of produce I was able to conjure up in 2018. As we advance, I aim to release the last of my backlist later in 2021, including Even If We Tried & As They Say. There are a few other titles that I won't bother mentioning now, but those are the most recognizable. I will let you know when those other projects are going live. Plus, I am humbled by folks who decided to take a chance and buy my book You & I. I am thrilled to announce that the book has sold just over 300 copies, making it my best selling novel.

This year not only did I get to completely dec out the house for Halloween, as I usually do. (I'm big on Halloween.) We got plenty of folks who stopped by for a walk, and it turned out a little bigger than I expected. It lifted people's spirits. Now with all the Xmas lights up, I'm feeling Christmassy, but all that darned wrapping is exhausting. How is your Christmas run-up going? Good, I hope. It's an excellent time to remember that not everyone will make it home for Christmas this year, so it's probably a good idea to take notice of folks who will be spending the holidays alone this year. Spread the Christmas cheer by doing something helpful if you can; check in on that old neighbor, you know. If you have family traveling this year, you are lucky, but since people are afraid or can't travel with the current circumstances, it will make this year a very different Christmas. I had seen some incredible moments over the last year; when instead of humans bickering, we pulled together, now that is empowering. For 2021, I'd love to see more of this, as it is needed in these difficult times.

I have also decided to narrate my short story, The Gift. A few weeks ago, I asked you to cast your vote on a poll to see what tale you would like me to hear me read. I've decided to cover this sweet story as it won the popular vote. Stay tuned as I'll be announcing where you can listen in, and if you never read the story before; it can be located in my short story collection We Are Here: Vol 1.

I won't ramble on any further, but I want to wish you a joyous time for you and all those you love. Here's to hoping the following year will be better than the current age. As always, my recent works in progress are on Patreon, and the site is updated weekly.

I look forward to crafting many more books for you to read, and I can't wait to share them :)


D.K. Daniels


Plans for 2021:

Just some details and goals summarized. Titles in progress:

  • Dumbstruck - Pt 2 - Releases Jan 31st, 2021

  • You & I - Pt 2 - March 2021

  • Even If We Tried - Q2/3

  • As They Say - Q3/4

  • Before The Storm - TBA

  • Until Dawn - TBA

Titles Canceled:

  • No Mutual Friends

  • These Cold Days

  • Sunshine & Citylights (Could be merged with T-shirt weather. Plausible re-write in the future.)

  • T-shirt Weather

Some Personal Goals:

  • Start posting reguarly on Instagram

  • Loose my Covid weight

  • Be more active online for my readers

  • Learn a new language

  • Narrate some of my books.




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