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We Are Here: Drops In Three Days

Hey, Friends

I hope your weekend was good, despite probably being stuck at home. The great news is many countries are starting to ease restrictions. I know I'll be one of the first folks out the door with burgers on the BBQ, and a kayak in the water afterward. Though in the meantime, I'm sharing with you little snippets about my upcoming book We Are Here that launches on Wednesday the 20th of May in paperback and eBook. The book has a special place in my heart, comprising many of my first short stories as an author. All the tales contained in the volume is what has started me out on the road of an entertainer. I've compiled a few questions folks have asked, and I am more than happy to answer them. So, let's get to it.

Q. Where did you get the idea to do a collection of short stories instead of a full-length novel?

A. Well, the answer is not a marvelous concept. The stories were lying around, and I decided to structure, edit, and release them as a collection. I felt like it was a waste of perfectly created stories just gathering dust instead of people enjoying them the way they are intended to be. Though it has been some time since I started out from being an aspiring author, I still feel like every project I take on, it's like starting from day one all over again. Except, I continue to find penning shorts more complicated than a full-length novel.

Q. Are the stories old or new? A. Both. Some are newer, others are older, and I use those words figuratively. In a way, I am saying goodbye to my newbie writer's inexperience. Over four years, I have grown tremendously, I believe I have caught onto my style, voice, and the narratives I wish to tell. For me, those first few years are the old me, the earlier stories of what entertained me. Now I am moving onto creating mostly full-length books with higher stakes in the plots, and yes, even though I am tinkering around with larger works doesn't mean I will stop creating shorts.

We Are Here: Soundtrack

Attached is a Youtube playlist of songs I have included as a soundtrack for every tale in the novel. To Listen to the Youtube playlist,click here. In general, it is the tone and vibe I was going for when writing it. The songs descend on the list in the order of the story in the book. I've included a Spotify link too if you have the service. In the future, I intend to put up more playlists of Youtube and Spotify.To listen to Spotify playlistclick here.

Individual track names associated:

1. Sunlight In The Night - Martin Guaffin (It's Okay To Say No)

2. Elena & Lila - Max Richter (Somebody To Love)

3. Untitled #2 - Alaskan Tapes (Sometimes With Reality)

4. The Consultations of Philopshy - Max Richter (One To Love)

5. Temple - Jon Hopkins (Love Like This)

6. Color - Marcho Beltrami - (Speed Bumps)

7. Quite Miss Home - James Arthur - (The Gift)

8. Aural - Lights & Motion (Those Days)

9. Outro Version Longue - M83 - (Who We Are)

10. Dopamine 2 - Max Richter - (Kiss Me, I'm Irish)

11. Dopamine 2 - Max Richter - (Louder Than Drums)

12. Dopamine 2 - Max Richter - (Midnight Taxi)

13. Dopamine 2 - Max Richter - (Almost)

14. Dopamine 1 - Max Richter - (History Of A Bench)

15. A Close Friend - James Newton Howard - (Echoes Of Love)

16. The Ink From The Books - Sleeping At Last - (Our Little Darlings)

17. Outside - Helen Jane Long - (Love In Paris)

18. Better Look Me In The Eyes - Dan Romer - (A World Between)

Anyway, I must get back to the final preparations. Stay tuned over the next few days as I share insider knowledge about my newest offering. Stay safe, and have an awesome day. :)

We Are Here will be available on Amazon and Google Play on the 20th of May. I can't wait to share the finished project with you, I'm so excited :) To see the book page - click here.


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