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We Are Here: Insider Knowledge

Hey, guys

It's Tuesday, and I know most folks hate them as they are back to the grindstone, but I think it's a perfect day to check off items on my reading list. Anyway, I'm back with some insights into We Are Here. So, let's get to it.

Q. Could you describe the mundane details of writing: How many hours a day do you devote to writing? Do you write a draft on paper or at a keyboard (typewriter or computer)?

A. When I started, I'd dedicate about ten hours a day, which is the actual reality. People say to write a book faster. You'll realize soon enough a theory will need to be quickly implemented. Otherwise, you will run into a burnout pit quickly. It's not sustainable for long. Therefore, I have now come to learn that while I love to write, my own life must come first. At a time, I used to limit social contact, stay in all day, and occasionally get grumpy with family for disturbing me. With help and motivation, I have changed around my working week into a series of goal-orientated tasks. Each broken down into one primary goal per quarter to do with authorship. I aim to release a book every 3-4 months if I can. At the start, I had a horrible habit of splitting my attention. Now I see it's better to focus on one project at a time. Now I spend about four-five hours on daily writing. When I started, I assumed I was a pantser. Now I have taken to plotting a book in its entirety. On average, it takes me about two weeks to draft an entire novel on paper before I write a single word. If the weather is beautiful in Ireland, I'll write by pen or use a typewriter the boyfriend got for me a few years ago to draft my work in progress in the back garden. Eventually, everything gets brought to my computer.

Q. Tell us some more about your book? A. I presume I make a lousy promotional advocate. Still, if I were to clue folks into what my book is attempting to say, it would be no matter how bleak some situations, or how boring you think life can be. All great minds have the audacity to promote action. For me, I attempt to tell tales of everyday people coming from a variety of backgrounds. What sets them apart is the likeness of You, Me, and all of them. I write for the brave, heartbroken, and adventurers. We Are Here is just a small collection of heartfelt romance, hope, and sadness.


Insider Secret:

Did you know that Austin Copeland in Sometimes With Reality is the very same Austin who stars in Even If We Tried? I thought it would be a cool gesture to have some exhibit of the character before the events of EIWT. My boyfriend never copped the resemblance or the name, so it's out there for folks to do with as they wish. Just thought I'd share this tidbit as some folks may not know. :)

Did you know St Clement, a city in my metaverse is the setting for multiple stories? E.G. Sometimes With Reality, You & I, The Gift, and many more. Many of the places and my stories are interconnected. Even my Irish settings which go under a fictional Ireland inspired by real geography named ÉIRE.

Did you know Township is my most mentioned settlement of all my stories?

Inspiration Tales:

Kiss Me, I'm Irish was inspired by a trip to Athlone with my mother and boyfriend for St. Patricks Day. Upon exiting the mall a kid with raging amber hair bumped into me, not looking as he was using silly string to better his friend.

The Gift was inspired by my trip to Brighton in the middle of December 2018 to see a choir called Libera. One of the most disconcerting things I noticed was the huge homeless population. I wrote the short on a dressing table early in the morning of our second day with my boyfriend snoring in the background.

A World Between was inspired by a writing competition on IOMFATS, with a boy in a locker. I knew everyone would write a heartfelt, comedy, or romance. I set out to be abruptly different. To be as depressing as possible, and I knew from the start where the story was going to end. By far it is my favorite, and strongest short offering.


Anyway, I must get back to the final preparations. Stay tuned over the next few days as I share insider knowledge about my newest offering. Stay safe, and have an awesome day. :)We Are Here will be available on Amazon and Google Play on the 20th of May. I can't wait to share the finished project with you, I'm so excited :) To view the book click here.


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