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Dumbstruck - Part 2... The boys.

Happy Friday, Friend,

I hope your week has been going well all things considered. It has been a busy week here for me. I am closing up the final preparations for Dumbstruck 2 which drops on February 19th 2021. I’m excited to share it with you, I’ve put a lot of work into the final story, and it’s almost here. I have also begun work on another short story called Folder 2k21; it’s about a lonely 14-year-old boy, but I won’t divulge the plot just yet. If you are signed up to my mailing list, I will be dropping this short story for you before anyone else, and it will be soon. Apart from learning how to play the guitar; which is not driving my family crazy, I have been full steam ahead with You & I - Part 2. I have about another 30,000 words to write before it reaches my intended goal length, and with some luck, I hope to have it finished by the end of March and launching in April.

Despite listening to the depressing news this week, one story stuck out that made me smile, apart from the Irish and Swiss police forces challenging each other to the Jerusalem dance challenge. A young couple from Dublin came across a starving and skinny Labrador when hiking in the Wicklow mountains. A week previously, a family had lost the dog and spent days searching for their beloved pet. Just when they were about to pack it in, they got the news. The little cutie was returned to the owners and is getting the care it needs. That story made my week, but of course, lets got onto the juicy details about Dumbstruck 2. If you are interested you can read more information about Dumbstruck 2, and more of my stories over on Patreon. Signing up gives you access to 300+ awesome posts. I upload Behind The Story stuff where you can read my personal notes on writing the story, character profiles, audiobooks narrated by myself, cover art, story chapters and more. Dumbstruck - Pt 2 has over 50+ handwritten second by second plot notes, and it’s not the only story. Supporting me costs the price of a coffee once a month. Click here if you are interested.

As always, I am grateful if you check out my work, and if you want to jump into the previous book Dumbstruck before the big day, you can grab a copy of my book from Amazon or Google. Click here to get copy:

Apart from that, let's get onto the fun stuff.

The Characters:

  • Brayden - is the protagonist of the story, and is described as a shy, charismatic, risk-taker. Sure, it’s an oxymoron, but people are complicated. Bray is bashful when it comes to Julián, and well I don’t think I’d blame him when you have such a cute boy in your company. Brayden is a bit clumsy, but he is affectionate and funny, which his friends like, and that’s what draws Julián to our young protagonist. He believes he lives a straightforward life, nothing too exciting, with no interest in extracurricular activities or pastimes. However, when Julián comes along, he falls head over heels in love with this stranger who leads a busy life.

  • Julián - is the cutest boy in the world, or at least to Brayden. Julián is an adventurous lad who loves the thrill of exploits and gossip. His world is noisy, and he is a people person at heart. Sometimes Brayden finds him a little aloof, but this Latino boy is loyal, bold and sincere. No wonder Brayden has figured out that there is something exceptional about Julián, but since Julián leads an active life, he sometimes finds it hard to keep up with everyone’s demands.

I must get back to the final prep. I thought introducing the boys would be fun. I hope this was interesting and you enjoy the teaser for the first book. You can read the first chapter of Dumbstruck by clicking below. Enjoy. Stay safe, and have an awesome valentine’s day this weekend. If alone... Ben & Jerry's have you covered. I hope you enjoy it. I’d love to hear what you think. Best, D.K.



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