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Folder X (Story for Charity)

Hey guys,

I'll keep this brief. I have a new short story called Folder X out now on Amazon and Google. Folder X is an important story to tell, as many people absently, without realizing it, overlook the signs of depression. I'm not going to lie; this one was difficult for me to write, but it had been nagging me for the best part of a year to create it. So, I gave in. Though the narrative is fictional, it is incredibly raw, and that's what sends the message home. Unlike previous stories I have completed and sent out to the public, I have decided that any revenue from this story will be donated to The Trevor Project (USA) & BelongTo (IRE) to help with the battle against suicide and homophobia. It will be a quarterly thing, so, let's hope I raise a few dollars, euros, and pounds to send off to help out our younger brothers and sisters. I know times are tough, but saving a human life is worth the effort, and many young people are feeling lost with the current circumstances. The story will be free over on GA, Cornercafe, Nifty, and from my website. If you can support one of the causes or me; so I can donate to these charities, it would make what I do here more worthwhile. I know some folks don't grab a copy of my book if it's up for free, but this one is genuinely for a good cause. I'll be sharing the progress to my mailing list and my social media accounts. If you'd rather think about something else, my boyfriend and I have set up an Instagram page documenting our travels. I know some folks have a taste for wanderlust, and there are some awesome photos of Ireland there. I'll add the links below.


Matthew is a bullied, overweight 13-year-old boy who wants to pass through his Junior High years without trouble. However, Dallas and his friends find great satisfaction in belittling, verbally, and sometimes physically abusing Matthew because he is a quiet kid. Matthew has an intense infatuation with Jonah, Dallas's best friend, and it can only end badly if the torment wasn't enough. Or maybe... all it takes is one person to stand up to a bully.

Note: There are delicate themes in this short. Here is your warning if you are prone to sensitive matters concerning bullying, suicide, and peer pressure. If you dislike content like this, the story may upset you. I wish to put it out there for everyone to see. Bulling or suicide is no joke. If you feel depressed, know you are loved, and there is always someone willing to talk. Contact a local call center in your area if you are having these emotions. Talk to a person you trust, or even google support groups. Hell, hit me up. Having a camaraderie to get through the difficult times is a big help. It's normal, many people have felt this way, and you are not alone. For a large proportion of my teenagehood, I got bullied, and I attempted to take my life twice. Though if it weren't for the kindness of a woman I met along the way, I would not be here today. People will hear you out, I promise.




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