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Dumbstruck - Part 2 ... It's Official Now

Hey everyone,

¡Hola! and welcome back to the discussion about my upcoming book Dumbstruck - Part 2. I am delighted to announce an official date; all that remains now is the final touches like filling out all the information, assigning ISBN's and all that mundane stuff. I am thrilled to say Dumbstruck - Part 2 will be out on February, 19, 2021 on Amazon and Google. So far, the folks who have read the newest installment have said they enjoyed the tale and can't wait for the third book sometime later in the year. It was exciting to write this novella; I've returned to my early roots of just writing romance, but I decided to add hints of adventure this time. There is no drama in this tale… well, yet. I won't promise that there won't be drama in future installments, but drama to me is like a ham and cheese sandwich… who would want a cheese sandwich on its own?

As always, I am grateful if you check out my work, and if you want to jump into the previous book Dumbstruck before the big day, you can grab a copy of my book from Amazon or Google. Click here to get copy:

Apart from that, let's get onto the fun stuff.


Brayden, a gay 14-year old boy, travels to Millers Point on a surprise quest to see Julian. A journey of a lifetime awaits Brayden as he sets off on an adventure across thousands of miles of dense forests, bare tundras, and populated cities to meet with a boy he met during a one-night camping trip. Though the boys have kept in contact since summer, unforeseen circumstances prevented Brayden from seeing Julian. All he wants is for the friendship to reach a new height and for young Julian to acknowledge that they are going steady. Join the two young boys for another night of fun, cutesy, and believable romance that will make your heart swoon. You can't fault a guy who is willing to travel thousands of miles in misery to see the one he loves.


Music is the unrepresented words of the soul; at least, that's what I like to imagine. When it comes to setting the scene or emotion, música (music) is a helpful inspiration tool. If we all could have a soundtrack of our life composed by Hans Zimmer or John Williams, that would be awesome too, though, for the boys, it's fitting there is a soundtrack as we all want to feel a part of the big show.

Songs in chronological order:

  • Let it Storm - Benjamin Gustafsson.

  • December 21, 2020: The Great Conjunction - Sleeping At Last

  • Floating - Yoe Mase

  • I Heard You From Afar - Benjamin Gustafsson

  • Hand in Hand - Benjamin Gustafsson

  • With Eyes Open - Cathartic Fall

You can also listen to previous book soundtracks from my Youtube and Spotify channels.

Insider Secret:

  1. The bike scene where the boys travel around Millers Point is inspired by my journey with my boyfriend when we visited Denmark. I should have written a detailed account when my bf directed us down a cobblestone street with lime scooters. Safe to safe, I couldn't feel my feet. Note to self…. 'small wheels vs. cobblestone is not a good combination.' Now when I think of it, that sounds like a cute scene for a Y.A. romance novel.

  2. I've been waiting to write a book that features hockey for four years now. I know… I've finally done it. Yay me…

  3. Did you know; the inspiration for Julian's character came a little from the actor Marcel Ruiz?

Downloadable Cover:

Oh, and hey… it's a normal thing now for peeps to want a screensaver for their favorite movie, game, or book. Hell, PlayStation sells themes, so I guess I better add something of my own to the mix. If you are interested and wish to have the cover of Dumbstruck - part 2 as your lock/home screen on your mobile (cellphone), you can download it by clicking here. To download - (iPhone) Open link, then press and hold on the picture until menu pops up, then hit add to photos.

Well, I guess that is it for this week. I hope you enjoy the little bits here and have an excellent weekend :)





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