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You & I

15 Novemeber 2019

Max Wilson is a peculiar 14-year-old boy with a love for basketball and classical music. The teenager is popular among his peers, but he has bad grades, and his family life at home is not going well. Plus, Max has a huge secret he is keeping from the world. Max is gay. Recently he has chosen a pen-pal from a candidate list for English class as his grades have been growing increasingly bad. With the youngster's grades slipping, and with the need to get ahead Max decides to take the last resort. Reluctantly, the boy writes a letter and sends it off to an anonymous person who he has been assigned. When the reply comes back Max learns that the other sender is also a boy within the same school. Over two months, the teenagers grow a bond through a lost art of communication; helping Max to come to terms with who he is, and to Max's amazement, he's fallen for an unknown boy who sounds perfect in every way according to their personal correspondences.

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I have started work on You & I - Part 2, and I hope to have it available for Q2 of 2020. The first book was such a cool achievement and pleasure to write. - Jan 1st 2020



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