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A Case Of Jitters 1 - New LGBTQI+ Romance/Drama

Hey Guys,

I am thrilled to announce my story: A Case of Jitters is complete, edited, and bound. It has been a fascinating journey, and I can’t wait to share it with you. The newest book in my catalog has taken me back to my early roots at Nifty. Being a genre, I seem most at home in, I’m delighted to say my new romantic YA- LGBTQ+ drama will be out on July 31st. Over the next couple of emails, I’ll reveal first-class information about my upcoming novel. I encourage you to stick around as I’ll be handing out downloadable character sheets, desktop, and phone backdrop memorabilia to help build up the excitement, along with teasers from the actual story. Plus, I have limited signed copies and bookmarks to give away for the big day, and a few lucky winners will be in the chance to win a colletors edition of ACOJ, along with You & I, and We Are Here in paperback, so stay tuned on how to avail of this awesome prize. Tune in every Friday until launch to get the deets. So, what are we waiting for? Let’s get a jumpstart on all the amazing content I have to share, where I’ll offer a step-by-step analysis of A Case of Jitters as we approach the release day.



Jacob is in love with Andrew, an adorable boy with an infectious smile who he has hardly ever spoke with until now. A rigorous case of jitters quakes in his bones as he passes a love note to express his desire. How will it be received? What will his other friends think about his encroaching secret now that he is ready to exit the closet? Jacob will be taken to new measures that he has never known until love and hate floods into his life, making him an unlikely hero who stands ta


Q. First off, what is A Case of Jitters about?

A. ACOJ is a book about a young boy’s first love, the confusions that accompany such a defining moment in one’s life, and the bitter hatred that follows from onlookers. You’ll meet Jacob, a 14-year-old from a typical high school setting, and minimal social clout, whose need to come out to Andrew, an adorable boy he is smiting over, is greater than the fear of rejection. Yet what seems like an innocent advance, burns in the hearts of haters. This is the events of how a random altercation in a classroom sends Jacob into a spiraling downward depression to discover who his real friends are, and come to terms with a vital part of his identity.

Q. What is the key theme and/or message in the book? What is the central conflict? A.  The two deciding factors of the book are to do with love/hate, and some of the converging themes surrounding these ideals. Unlike EIWT, ACOJ delves deeper into the gritty side of hatred, jealousy, and betrayal. While on the far side, the book also revolves around admiration, joy, and acceptance. I really enjoyed the play between these tropes, attempting to bring new resolve to these significant subjects was exceptionally fun to write. Like many people, we all want to fit in somewhere, and it really hurts when someone betrays us, so Jacob is just learning about all this for the first time.

Q. If a film were made of your book, who would you cast in the leading role?

A. Oh, I have a long list of actors I’d love to employ for my movies, but I think they’re a bit too far outside my pay grade. However, if a major studio is backing my project, I’d probably cast a young Charlie Plummer as Jacob. I believe he has a knack for settling in on acting roles that primarily deal with gritty, but soft natured characters at their core. ACOJ has fun cute moments but also has its share of brutal junctures in the narrative. Well, in comparison to what I’ve written already. To me, writing violence that is justified by a character’s motivation is a tough feat. Yet, in hindsight, in a split second of blind rage, a lot can happen. That’s why I believe a character who is quickly adaptable would be the most suitable candidate. I don’t know about you, but I seem to like having soft-spoken protagonists at the start of the tale, and by the end, they are no longer that quiet boy in the corner. Since what they must do is venture out from beyond their comfort zone to make things happen that they wouldn’t usually have done.


Anyway, I must get back to work, if you'd like to avail of the giveaways be sure you are signed up my email list to get all the wonderful goodies.



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