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A Case Of Jitters 2 -

Hey, Friend

I am back to talk about my new romantic YA- LGBTQ+ drama which comes out on July 31st. Over the next couple of emails, I’ll be revealing first-class information about my upcoming novel. I encourage you to stick around as I’ll be handing out memorabilia to help build up the excitement, along with teasers from the actual story. So, let's get to it.


It's not a D.K. Daniels novel without a soundtrack, and as it is an important aspect of describing the tone of my books, I have included the songs that inspired me, or that fits the scenes. I have included Youtube & Spotify links so you can listen to the songs.

Click for your own platform to listen to the OST.


  • Chapter 1 - Chase The Sun - Wolf & Willow

  • Chapter 2 - Chasing All The Stars - Fleurie

  • Chapter 3 - 3:15 - Bazzi

  • Chapter 4 - Don’t Kill My High - Lost Kings / Wif Khalifa

  • Chapter 5 - The City - Rory Adams

  • Chapter 5 - Stare - Rory Adams

  • Chapter 6 - Sleep Habits - Allen & Bright

  • Chapter 7 - You - Petit Biscuit

  • Chapter 8 - Guitar - Marcus & Martinus 

  • Chapter 9 - Throwing Stones - Wolf & Willow

  • Chapter 10 - Boxes - Gavin James

  • Chapter 11 - It’ll Be Alright - Cody Francis 

  • Chapter 12 - Above It All - August Wilhelmsson 

  • Chapter 13 - Body - SMYL

  • Chapter 14 - Poor Wayfaring Stranger - David O’ Dowda 

  • Chapter 15 - Stupid Deep - Jon Bellion

  • Chapter 16 - Steep Hills Of Vicodin Tears - A Winged Victory For The Sullen

  • Chapter 16 - Into The Night - Wolf & Willow 

  • Chapter 17 - Turncoat - Goldmund

  • Chapter 17 - No Matter What - Calum Scott

  • Chapter 18 - Dark Times - Sam Marshall

  • Chapter 19 - Back To Life - Sam Marshall

  • Chapter 20 - They Can’t Feel Anything - Brian Tyler

  • Chapter 21 - Changes - XXXtentacion 

  • Chapter 22 - We Are Changing - AM

  • Chapter 23 - A Symphony Pathetique - A Winged Victory For The Sullen

  • Chapter 24 - Bloom In The Dark - Emorie

  • Chapter 25 - Feel First Light - Jon Hopkins

  • Chapter 26 - Light On  - Maggie Rogers


Q. Your story is set in Newhaven. Why did you choose that as the setting for your book?

A. Newhaven is a port city in the northern realms of my reimagined United States world. When I set out to write, I had the vibes of a small cozy coastal town, but I ended up edging toward building the city. I quickly realized I didn’t have a large settlement in the region. Therefore, in this book, I have introduced a new location. I hope to set more of my works here in the foreseeable future. Influences are drawn from Seattle, Toronto, and Copenhagen. I must’ve been unintentionally absorbing a lot of Norse related content when I was writing the book to warrant my newest imagined city. Newhaven is a bustling shipping port with a thriving fishing industry, modern technology, and arts advancement. Its strategic historical importance is due to the mountains offering a natural defense from invading armies of the past and the harsh ocean life. A Case of Jitters takes place on a small island, one of many that join to the mainland. This particular district being Old Harbor View. Moving onwards in the future, I look forward to expanding on the history revolving around my newest creation, to enrich the world that interconnects all of my stories.


Q. Do you hide any secrets in your books that only a few people will find? A. Yes, they are more as a shout out to my good friends, family, and other authors. In essence, they are usually some form of a mini-story that has no correlation with the bigger picture of the arching plot. I could write small things that happened in the past that only a few people know about, and it becomes more of an insider joke, or acknowledgment when it’s been published. For instance, four years ago, when my boyfriend got a new car, he got on the phone and said he fell in love with this vehicle. Fast-forward a couple of hours, and he was driving his newly purchased automotive home with his father. On an entry ramp to the motorway, a car in front kicked up a small pebble, effectively chipping the bonnet (hood for my American readers) before hitting (cracking) the windscreen/shield. Safe to say for weeks, he complained jokingly what were the odds that would happen. When it came to writing, I used this insider joke as a nod to him, knowing it will be engraved in history forever. In ACOJ, there is are few secrets among friends hinting a small piece of history, incorporated with fiction.

Q. Which scene was most difficult to write? Why?

A. You will see later why I found chapter 20 to be the most difficult for me to write. I believe it is the brutalist scene I’ve written to date. I think it’s to do with the cruelness of the concept I have gone with, effectively making it stronger. Therefore, creating a scene where the antagonist and protagonist are both at their lowest point of the story. I wanted to make sure that when I wrote the words associated, it would leave a lasting effect, just like an actual attack, as if you, the reader is there with the boys. The scenes following it offers great relief and redemption. I didn’t want it all to be in vain. I knew for a long time the direction of the friendship, and it would be with the arrival of Andrew the contributing factor that leads up to this point in time. In my mind, August, Jacob’s best friend, turned out to be a completely different person than I initially believed he would be written on paper. At the time of writing, August, to me, has been the most intriguing character, and how he goes from being a good role model to a bad. The two large altercations between the two friends here encapsulate the horrible tragedy of a dying friendship. If it’s difficult for a reader to comprehend why it's happening or get upset, you must believe that it is for the good of the story. I come to care about the characters too, and sometimes a motive changes them that I have no say over.  I’m right there with them, as in a way, the characters become real people.  I know everything about the characters I’m writing about, and if they hurt, I hurt. I think this scene will always be ingrained in my mind as one of my most powerful bullying standoffs I wrote and the consequences that follow.


Anyway, I must get back to work. Check out the playlist above, there are some awesome songs included. Stay safe, and have an awesome day. :)



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