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We Are Here: Vol 1 - Out May 20th

Hi guys,

I'm back with a new blog post concerning my upcoming book We Are Here. I'm just dropping some deets about what to expect from the new novel-length addition. I've decided to release a collection of my short stories from 2016-2019, most of which are LGBTQ+ inspired. Though these tales are short, they are important to me, more so than my full-length additions as they serve as a learning experience for my growth as a writer. Maybe folks can see some similarities between my significant collections and shorts as time goes by. Eventually, every story is inspired by its predecessor. Even If We Tried inspired, As They Say, As They Say, Kiss Me, I'm Irish, A World Between - Light The Night, and You & I by No Mutual Friends. These are just a few to name, but the trend continues as I further establish myself as a self-published author. With the short stories I have created in We Are Here, some of my significant offerings wouldn't have come to be. These tales revolve around my love phase of romance stories and showcase a large chunk of my progress. I believe I have entered a new experiment phase more centered around drama and social issues, and I hope they remain just as hearty to readers. Below is the book cover for We Are Here: Vol 1, a collection of narratives revolving around love, joy, sadness, and acceptance. I decided to go with a busy front cover given the material inside the book, as it deals with plenty of confusing times for teenagers, resulting in stress, fear, and pride we know all well when it comes to telling the world who we really are. The book comprises eighteen tales, including the five stories from Kiss Me, I'm Irish, and ten letters from A World Between. Below is a small list of all the narratives included. Some of you may already be familiar with, others not so much. Either way, I hope you enjoy them all the same.



We Are Here: Vol 1 is scheduled to drop on Amazon & Google Play on the 20th of May 2020 in eBook and paperback format. Included in the book: It's Okay To Say No Somebody To Listen Sometimes With Reality One To Love Love Like This Speed Bumps The Gift Those Days Who We Are Kiss Me, I'm Irish Louder Than Drums Midnight Taxi Almost The History Of A Bench Echoes Of Love Our Little Darlings Love In Paris A World Between

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